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becky looks so hot in season 3 :P
· by tntrules; posted November 8th, 2007

I actually thought this episode was pretty cool. My only annoyance perhaps was that Merton seemed to actually be enjoying that GOD AWFUL song the guys were singing near the end. I mean COME ON. That's not right! But, he wore makeup and a skirt, and has some very nice legs. It was certainly nothing earth shattering, but it was entertaining in its own way. (7/10)
· by same_mistake; posted December 21st, 2004

I have two quibbles with this episode: First, up until this point in the series, our heroes have been fighting supernatural beings of satanic origin (e.g., witches, vampires, demons, etc.) and the occasional mad scientist. For me, space aliens just don't seem to fit in well with this show's hall of villains. This episode would have worked better if Boylicious had been an evil cult who was kidnapping young girls to sacrifice to their gods. Secondly, from the dialogue in this episode, it was made clear that Becky was not the first girl who Boylicious had kidnapped, and that numerous other girls had already been sent to the alien homeworld. Yet, Becky was the only girl who was rescued, meaning that there are still other girls trapped on another planet being raped by lizard-people. (I find this both a sad and scary thought). Merton should have programmed the transporter to bring back all the kidnapped girls, and not just Becky. As well, with the way this episode ended (i.e., with Boylicious being transported back to their homeworld), I am left with the thought that these aliens might come back to try again. (Sequel?) On a more positive note, however, this episode shows just how much Merton really cares about the safety of his kid-sister and how far he will go to rescue her. And so, because this episode shows us just how great a brother Merton is, I'll be generous and let my rating slide by with a seven. (7/10)
· by Ray; posted January 27th, 2004

Merton makes a butt ugly chick. (5/10)
· by amy blue; posted August 17th, 2002

N'stupid was just stupid...but Merton in women's clothing and make-up was just priceless! (3/10)
· by merton_is_hott; posted June 15th, 2002

This episode was just so damn cheesy. I loved how they made fun of boy bands out there, but the plot sucked rocks. The only good thing was seeing Merton dressed as a woman. He would have made one hell of a hot girl if they had given him a long blonde wig instead of that nasty assed old geezer one. Surprising, if Danny ever went into the drag business he'd surprise people with how much of a woman he actually looks like. Other then that, this episode bombed big time. (4/10)
· by QsMistress23; posted March 26th, 2002

haha. I thought this episode was HILARIOUS.
· by ew_motivation; posted March 13th, 2002

Funnier episode that i have seen, funny moment like Merton in a girl or Tommy in the band. Dean is come back, all is well in this episode. (10/10)
· by Anna_151; posted February 10th, 2002

Merton in drag? I've never seen anything cuter in my life!!! Danny Smith is absolutely incredible and adorable! (10/10)
· by rebecca2; posted February 10th, 2002

personally I thought this epie sucked but it (like every other epie) had it's super funny moments!! But I really thought that those aliens didn't really get the boy band concept!! And neither did the teens of pleasantville Chad was the one that should have gotten the mayjority of the atention because he is the Lance/Nick of the group! And Devin wasn't even that cute!!!! I gave this epie a 5 Merton saved it from going farther down the rating scale!!! (5/10)
· by Austin; posted January 24th, 2002

I would most likely give it a 10 cause it was pretty funny seeing Merton(Danny) dressed up as a girl. (10/10)
· by chicky_poo; posted January 22nd, 2002

I just loved the episode!!! It was original, because it was about time someone made fun of those boybands out there! I just loved the way the actors of the boyband acted so "real" but at the same time were totally making fun of the real boys in boybands! It's by far one of the most interesting and fun to watch episodes yet! As for Danny and Brandon not enjoying this episode as much because of pbvious reasons, well, I think they should look at the success it had with viewers, and accept the fact that actors who are really respected by the population are ones that can laugh about themselves! Stay deep bro! (10/10)
· by sunneedee; posted January 21st, 2002

Yay for Dean!!! Anywho...pretty amusing episode. I thought the depiction of "the fav member" was pretty accurate (grrrrrr stupid Devin). Merton in drag? Besides the fact that it scared the snot out of me that my comic came true, I almost had nightmares after seeing Merton in a miniskirt. (Nice legs, though...) And I found merton smacking Tim over the head with his purse one of the more amusing things in this episode. Overall, a good one, but not one of my favs. (It falls more into my list of lame-o episodes, just because of the cheezy way everything fell together, heh heh) (8/10)
· by crunkette; posted January 17th, 2002

This ep is in my top ten favorites. What a great name for an episode. And it's about time someone satirically victimized the current rash of boy bands out there. By the way, why are there no pics of Merton for us to view from N'Sipid? I mean come on. He is so (i can fit 466 o's here) hot. I'd also like to say i think they got their plot concept for this one from yours truly, as i've always harbored suspicions that Joey Fatone (say it phonetically, it's more fun that way!) hails from Uranus. (9/10)
· by JMDingle; posted January 17th, 2002

From a girl's point of view, this episode was pretty funny. I'm not a big fan of boy bands so the alien thing was quite amusing. As was Tommy dressed up in boy band gear lip snycing. The fx for the Tommy's wolfing out was great and yah for having Dean back. (8/10)
· by Locker_Monster; posted January 13th, 2002

it was cool :P (10/10)
· by werewolftravis; posted January 10th, 2002

Okay, I really didn't like this one. It was okay. But it was pretty bad. I don't know why I feel that way, but I do. It does recover some points because Tommy looked really hot as a boyband member and the episode finally had Dean in it. But there was something missing. I don't know why, but the episodes with Becky seem to really bad. Huh, go figure. (8/10)
· by Becca_B; posted January 7th, 2002

THis was a VERY funny episode! I loved it! (9/10)
· by Loup; posted January 7th, 2002

Pretty cool Episode. Everyone from the band looked like someone from either NSYNC or Backstreetboys. That was kinda cool. I liked the part where Tommy and Lori were going back and forth with the alien to get Merton out of the launch thingy. It was rather amusing. (9/10)
· by Seether169; posted January 6th, 2002

i thought this episode was pretty good it was cool to see dean and tim again but the whole boy band thing didn't appeal to me and i was looking for the Boylicious guys to actually be shown as the lizard people not just the hand but it was still a cool episode. (8/10)
· by MxPxBoiy182; posted January 6th, 2002

This episode was surprisingly good! Merton looked so hilarious as a girl! That was a kodak moment! Tommy looked soooo hot in this episode especially when he was singing with Boylicious. And Dean came back! YEAH! (9/10)
· by NewOrleansGurl; posted January 6th, 2002