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    3-25-2003  11:51 AM  
 Mar. 17, 2003
since you & justin are the only ones on here i'm going to make a suggestion. what about a page you can put any ONE post up. like if you want say hi to(for ex.) MIH only you just make one post and nothing can be added?

i'm sorry if you can't understand it's hard to explain
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    3-25-2003  1:09 PM  
 Mar. 6, 2002
It's called a closed topic.
    3-25-2003  1:39 PM  
 Jul. 17, 2000
I can do it, but I'm not sure what the appeal would be or how many people would use it.
    3-25-2003  2:21 PM  
 Dec. 13, 2000
no, that sounds like more trouble than it is worth.
    3-25-2003  7:43 PM  
 Sep. 9, 2001
In other words a forum for the pointless threads?

-who's online?
-wow look at all the people online!
-why isn't anyone posting??

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    4-01-2003  2:13 PM  
 Nov. 25, 2001
lol well I didn't understand a word of that.... I thought i LuvDannySmith meant like personal messages but I guess not I like the Idea of personal messages though I'd use that cause you know how everyone (well mostly me) post threads like "Hey MIH" and then writes to MIH in the thread well I hate that. I think there should be personal messages but that's just me I guess!
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