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    7-23-2002  8:55 PM  
 Jun. 30, 2002
Hey, Um I was just looking up the actress who played Scary Terri(Janine Theriault) and shes looks totally different now!
Go there, shes the one in the middle!
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    7-23-2002  11:44 PM  
 Jun. 21, 2002
she looks better without that hideous hair but her eyes are still freakishly large
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    7-24-2002  1:35 PM  
 Jun. 5, 2002
yea! but the hair is much, much better!
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    7-24-2002  5:43 PM  
 Jul. 9, 2002
she still looks kinda scary but..
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    7-28-2002  11:12 PM  
 Oct. 14, 2000
Wow she's really changed but she still has the freaky eyes lol.
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    7-31-2002  3:54 AM  
 Apr. 14, 2001
I agree the hair is better, but the eyes still freak me out.
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    9-08-2002  7:09 PM  
 Jul. 8, 2002
she looks the same to me
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