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 Author   Thread: Saw Brandon in a Fruit of the Loom commercial 
    8-25-2010  4:50 AM  
 Spooka Lupa
 Jun. 13, 2002
Yep. He was in underwear and fruit were singing. I was at the theater so I got to see it on the big screen.

It was weird.
    8-25-2010  6:02 AM  
 Jun. 25, 2010
in the most unrelated coincidence in the whole wide world, I heard a shit load of police sirens when I read this.
YouTube only gave me a four year old commercial with singing fruit.
but luckily Google was more helpful!

things like this cause that I have more respect for America's advertising industry that for its Army. You don't see this kind of shizzle in The Netherlands. singing fruit FTW!

I like the "how the F@#$ did I get here?"-expression when he walks in the desert.

at the end with the underwear angel, he looked older from above the neck than in the rest of the video, or is that just me? (oh gosh! An actor looks older after a decade, who is it possible?!)
YouTube just hid it for me!

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