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    8-28-2010  7:09 PM  
 Raven Darkfall
 Aug. 26, 2010
So I added him on my myspace yonks ago...back when he first made his account.
So, after a retro marathon of shows my friends and I beleived had warped us into the weirdos we are today, I found this site and joined (about a week later...I was bored so shoot me).

I already liked The City Drive when they first came out, but had forgotten Danny was on this show...I was like "OMG! No way! I know who that is!!"

Cutting to the point, I got drunk the other night (like I have been half of time for the last 9 years) and randomly started messeging people...then must have noticed Danny was on the list. Then I added him on facebook at some point and started sending all sorts of random crap to the poor guy. And I got alot of messeges back because the poor sod was online! T_______T

Yeah, so I had a look through and was mortified (he's not the only person I was talking to...for the love of Hern! it'll take ages to recover!!) and sent him an appology.....he was online again! UBER CRINGE TIME! and he says "Don't worry about it. You're cute when you're drunk"


From not on, when I decide to get drunk, i'll lock my mobile, laptop, money and housekeys away! (yep, apparently I went all the way to Dartford at 4am to bug a friend who didn't answer my illegible text messege)

Danny is a nice guy, seriously, if I had been on the recieving end of a drunk me, i'd be pissed! (lol no pun intended)
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    8-29-2010  4:03 AM  
 Spooka Lupa
 Jun. 13, 2002
Aw, that's a cool story. Glad he was nice about it.
    8-29-2010  7:07 AM  
 Jun. 25, 2010
How entertaining that story may be:
    1-16-2012  5:14 PM  
 Jan. 16, 2012
That's awesome! I added him on Facebook not too long ago. He doesn't really ever respond to my messages unless it's about his art. Although he did tell me that the Little Shop of Horrors he auditioned for the other day was a play.
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