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    3-08-2011  3:39 AM  
 Mar. 7, 2011
"I am a big fan of Entourage, but I must admit that all the species that live large and blow at the same time to bed every girl in the city do not grow old after a while. Who is the real life is like this all the time? Let's face it, people can not handle or stomach the truth sometimes. This season has more truth in the reality of things. Celebrities are constantly re-hab and nightclubs around the wrong crowd. These are people who have problems like everyone else. Vince has been protected by their constant retinue of children. It is logical that when you finally stike its own course, it goes down, hes never had a challenge of his life, his environment driven all their problems to date. ""(Remember that Entourage the first 6 seasons, guys?) For those who think that this season sucks, go turn in a fairy tale that will give aspiring to a happy ending. People live in real life, drug addiction, wanting to change a woman to marry, and Ari's wife finally said Enough are all things that happen in real life! I do not see the program to escape my own reality. If you must watch TV to escape, then chatise writers do not give you what you want, you're the one with the questions! Grow and get therapy now. Entourage is amazing and I'm glad the authors chose to study the characteristics of a new depth. Let's be honest, life is not all champagne and roses. Even movie stars arent perfect challenges and should help build his character. It would be a lie to not show this kind of thing happens, after all, is in Los Angeles. Or maybe some people who write bad reviews have never been in Los Angeles, in which case should not even be talking about what they know nothing.
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