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    1-24-2014  2:09 PM  
 Jan. 21, 2014
"So, you're a soul stealing agent of the dark dominion, what's that like?"
    4-09-2014  2:55 PM  
 Bodacious Ta Ta
 Jul. 15, 2002
Every year I open this thread back up and giggle like a maniac.

my mind

"We're all gay inside."- Justin
"My man parts squee'd in happiness."-Justin
"You make God cry at his puny orgasm."-Justin in chat
"One liners are fun. Mine just shit genius."- me

    8-05-2014  4:13 PM  
 May 10, 2002
Hey Everyone! Just dropping by for my yearly "Oh yeah! This forum still exists!" visit.

Is it sad that I follow Danny Smith, Brandon Quinn, and Aimee Castle on Twitter/Instagram?

I can't help it. The BWOC nerd in me will always exist and I'm not ashamed of that in the least!
"I love you so much. If you were a guy I'd date you." - Lupa
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