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    4-16-2015  2:44 PM  
 Jul. 17, 2000

Little jam session/reunion with two of my favorite people #bwoc @peterknight71 @dannysmithx

A photo posted by Brandon quinn (@thebrandonquinn) on

    4-21-2015  5:20 AM  
 Jul. 6, 2010
That's frakken awesome. It's so great to actually see them hanging out after all these years.

On a side note, What's the address of that studio? I may have to commit a felony, by stealing that poster in the background. Keep it on the down low.

Also, time for a BWOC movie? Seriously, everyone else is doing it. With kickstarter, indiegogo, and all these other sites, I think it's about time.

Time to contact Peter and get him to break out all of those dusty scripts.
    4-26-2015  6:03 PM  
 Bodacious Ta Ta
 Jul. 15, 2002
I'd be down for a high school reunion movie. It needs to happen and would put me in my happy place.

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