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    12-06-2017  5:20 PM  
 Jan. 2, 2017
I created a Big Wolf On Campus Amino if anyone is interested in joining. You don't need to join or anything, but I though I'd post about it here to let people know about it, since there is hardly any members. There's only three so far including me and my friend.

If anyone does want to join, note that you can only join by approval. By that I mean that you will have to request to join and I'll have to approve your request to join the amino. If you simply say in your request that you found out about the amino on from GothicfantasyLover I'll accept it.

If you're wanting to join here's the invite code:

(If it doesn't work just let me know and I'll post another. The invites only last for a few days, until it is replaced by a new one.)
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