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    1-14-2019  4:25 AM  
 Jul. 6, 2010
As we're approaching the 20th anniversary of BWOC, I realized that I've never come across a single good quality version of the logo. So, I was a little bored, and decided to take on the mission myself. I'm not an expert in graphic design or anything, but here are my attempts. I'll probably add more in the future, If i'm ever bored again, or think I can do better.

If you have any suggestions of what I could change, or even any criticism, I'd love the feedback, thanks.
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    3-26-2019  11:24 PM  
 Aug. 13, 2006
Kinda like the first 2 the most because they feel a little bit more late 90s (was all about the glow-y graphics back then.) Nice job.
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