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 Author   Thread: Youtuber talk about lycanthropy as a gay metaphor 
    1-21-2010  5:22 PM  
 Mar. 18, 2009
still think that was the most bizare and humourous thing out there
i am a nerd whahaha
    1-21-2010  11:38 PM  
 Nov. 19, 2009
lol definitely was!
    6-27-2010  10:36 AM  
 Jun. 25, 2010
I think the writers did it for the lulz.

there are people who enjoy putting up one male character with another male character, purely for the sake of p0rn. And let's be honest, it isn't too hard to see Tommy and Merton as a couple with all the gay jokes, I surely don't need to quote here.

the actual question is, if they're relation is still romantic if you're not wanting it to be so very badly. In other words, if you look at it objectively.

in my opinion, they do love each other, only not as some would like to. I think they love each other as you would love a close brother or dear, dear friend.
That they 'grope' each other is a logical reaction in the world of children television: you grabbed the closest person when frightened.
the fact that both try to date girls, doesn't proof much: bisexuality or "they're covering up their secret relation" would shoot it down easily. But on the other hand, if Lori already know you big secret, which could lead to an arrest by shady government agencies, why not bother to tell the other big secret?

Merton sleeps with a book about Tommy under his pillow?

that one made laugh.
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