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Nathalie Vansier! I remeber you! I believe I was lead to this show when I realized who you were, FROM LASSIE! I understand that was a long time ago, but you have had the honor of working with Corey Sevier, and for that, you are great.
· by Malon16; posted June 23rd, 2005

hey thanks for making the coolest show in the world to all the cast and crew of big wolf on campus especially thanks to Nathalie Vansier, Brandon Quinn, Danny Smith and and Aimee Castle you guys are my favorite actresses and actors!
· by wolfgrrl; posted May 17th, 2003

hey Brandon, Aimee and Danny! I absolutly love Big Wolf on Campus and watch it all the time. You three are the main reason. You did awesome together in every episode. Tommy, Merton and Lori are the funniest trio around, and I want to thank you for bringing them to life. I love you guys!!! Good luck and have fun!!! from Lauren
· by wolfout; posted April 29th, 2003

Damn it,how did I forget to post here,anywho,Good luck to everyone that was involved with Big Wolf Thanks yourself for a great show
· by Wolfsone; posted October 19th, 2002

Hey Brandon, Danny and Aimee Well, what can I say? England thinks you rock! Me and my sister have been watching Big Wolf on Campus since it first aired over here. It has to be one of THE best shows as it combines comedy , Horror and quality acting all in the space of half an hour. I want to thank you for making me laugh till I cried and for doing what you all do best: act. I'm an actress too and would love to work with you all one day. Danny, I heard that you are singing now, I wish you every succes with that. As for Brandon and Aimee may you both grace our screens in the future. And soon. It's a shame that Big wolf couldn't have lasted longer but all the best shows seem to end. All that's left to say is that I wish each and everyone of you everything you wish for yourselves. All the best Love MandyB
· by MandyB; posted July 14th, 2002

when i look back from day to day i wonder when it will play. recording it and watching it back to back has made me realise how friendship and life can react. looking back i wish it would play back to back. seeing the seasons go bye faster and faster makes me wonder when merton will bother. watching lori and tommy break up and make up always made me wonder when merton and lori were going to hook up. watching tommy fight the antagonists shows how much of a here he is. suddenly seeing merton hide and see lori kicking butt all night. the three characters sure made a duo. fighting crimes and saving people too bad it isn't real. well that leaves me on my trio. and to finish i really truly will miss this show. from...erin mcginn
· by chicky_poo; posted June 19th, 2002

Hey guys. Its to bad the series had to end. Yet I am looking forward to seeing all of you on my TV in the future. You people have worked hard for the good of others, and some day it will pay off more that expected. And although the show has been gone for nearly 5 months, I still find the time to watch my tapes. That half hour of my day was probably the best, and most looked foreward too. Im happy I had the opertunity to witness such great acting, and so much more. Thank you, Danny, Brandon and Aimee. I'll keep an eye peeled for all of you, and an ear open for Danny. Good luck now, tomorrow and further into the future. "Oh Yeah! The wolf rides again!" -Anne
· by Anne Frank; posted May 25th, 2002

I think this is the show that saved me from complete and total boredom when I had to baby-sit for my aunt and sit there all day with nothing to do. It was the highlight of my day, and even though it gave my cousin nightmares, I still refused to quit watching. Thank you for saving me!!! Love, Trish
· by Freaker72; posted May 25th, 2002

i love this show and wish it wouldn't end. good luck on other things to come
· by wolfsmoon_3; posted May 24th, 2002

Big Wolf on Campus RULES! Good Bye!
· by The Sickness; posted May 22nd, 2002

Well... I sorta stumbled on to 'Big Wolf' by accident, when it was airing directly after another show I used to watch on FoxFam. Somehow, the power of a Gelatinous Cube was able to transfix me long enough to both peek my interests and entice me to tune in again down the line. And I'm glad it did. 'Big Wolf' is an excellent show that deserves more attention that it gets, and is one of the very few shows that I've enjoyed over the last couple years. Thanks for the good times, and best of luck in the future everyone!
· by spooie; posted May 22nd, 2002

Big Wolf on Campus! I'm going to miss this show. This show was one of the best show on TV but got no respect. I'm really proud for Adam Tyner for making this site for the fans. Brandon, Danny, and Aimee were great in what they did! I give a big thanks to Peter Knight and Chris Bridges for making Big Wolf and creating weird, goofy, but always good hearted characters like Tommy Dawkins and Merton J. Dingle. Thanks to Barry Juilan for writing many episodes and playing my favorite villian the goofy Gil! Good luck to the cast and crew of Big Wolf on Campus, you guys did a great job on Big Wolf, I know you do great in the future!---Peace-Out by David and always remember "Oh Ya! The Wolf Rides Again!"
· by the Joker hahaha; posted May 21st, 2002

I will miss Big Wolf with all of my heart. I thank Aimée, Danny, and Brandon for all of their hard work for the three excellent seasons. Big Wolf was one of those inspirational shows-even though it may not seem it- that's made me realize three things. It's good to be different, I learned from Merton, it's good to be confident, I learned from Tommy, and what Lori taught me is the most important of all; it's good to know how to kick butt.
· by tommy*~*girl; posted May 21st, 2002

As did many viewers, I rushed home from school everyday to catch the Big Wolf episode on TV. The show entertained me for at least 30 min. a day, not counting the endless hours I spent looking up Big Wolf on the internet. All of the actors and actresses on the show are beautiful and talented. It is evident that they have grown very close during their three seasons of filming. And although I cannot speak for everyone, it seems as if the Big Wolf veiwers have grown with Brandon, Aimee, and Danny. Although we were never really there, it feels like we are part of the family. I wish that more seasons and episodes could come from this wonderful show. However, since this is not possible, we will just have to cherish the episodes that were produced. Good luck Brandon, Aimee, and Danny in the future. Thank you for everything. A loving fan, Amberley
· by ?WhO_eLsE?; posted May 20th, 2002

Thank you guys! All of you who EVER appeared on the show, making it so great.I can remeber the first time i watched it. I was really down, and I needed cheering up, and watching the show made me smile.:)I hope all of you go on to do great things and I know you will. Sorry to hear the shows finnished now, but it is still the best show EVER.thanks guys, luv Dilly..... I'd love to hear from any of you.. Again, good luck
· by dillydaydream; posted May 20th, 2002

I remember the first time I saw Big Wolf. It was in 1999 and I came home from school and started watching t.v. and doing my homework. I couldn't find anything really interesting on t.v so, I started flipping through the channels. I passed by Fox Family and saw a werewolf. I was like well this is different I'll watch it. I got really hooked. And before you know it, I was the biggest Big Wolf fanatic! When I moved, it broke my heart. Leaving everything I knew. But, I always had Big Wolf. Every morning I'd get up and sit in front of the t.v. waiting for Big Wolf to come on. I remember when I saw She Will, She Will Rock and cried. I remember at my friends birthday party I put them to sleep talking about Big Wolf. I will miss the mornings coming back from church and watching the newest Big Wolf episode. I laughed and cried through all 3 seasons. I will never forget Big Wolf!
· by NewOrleansGurl; posted May 18th, 2002

Well, I guess it's confession time. I honestly didn't like Big Wolf the first few times I saw it. Until the day I happened to tune in during the Feldman/Haim debate in Fangs For The Memories. I was hooked from then on. :)
· by justinc79; posted May 18th, 2002

BWOC was truly a wonderful show, and I will never ever forget it. It changed my life. Thanks everyone way out there for everything. You've changed my life.
· by Misty; posted May 18th, 2002

One day I surfed through the channels, and saw a Werewolf fighting a bad guy, and a gothic looking person hiding behind a statue, thats when I was hooked to BWOC, You have Made me happy when on some days I was sad or lonely. I laughed, I cried, I was entertained by it all. With Brandon/Tommy's fighting and outgoingness, Danny/Merton's Comedy and Perkyness And with Aimee/Lori's Attitude and charm, You have made a GREAT 3 seasons, and we will ALL truly miss you, Good luck in later movies/TV shows Rickycat
· by Rickycat; posted May 18th, 2002

I remember when I first saw Big wolf. It was a hot summer day in 1999. I was flipping through the channels and I saw the show and from that moment on Big Wolf on Campus was my favorite show. Big wolf interained me when no other show did. All my other favorite shows went off air and now Big wolf has two. It was a very good show. So I would like to thank Danny Smith, Brandon Quinn, Amiee Castle, Peter Night and all the others that worked on Big wolf. Oh and I would like to thank all the fans and there websites.
· by werewolftravis; posted May 18th, 2002

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